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you can call me Ghosty. i'm 16, i live in the US, and i am a derp. my favorite hobbies are taking up excessive amounts of air and sleeping in closets.

my main obsessions are homestuck and the lorax, and i mainly re-blog those two things. i do also here and there re-blog other things, like anime and stuff, too.

feel free to drop me an ask if you wanna just talk. seriously, please do! or else i'll just be FOREVVER ALONE over here, and its hard being alone, its hard and nobody understands.


swish and flick


swish and flick




So, I saw this gif of some hands gripping each other on a sheet, and I thought it was a really nice way to portray physical intimacy without slapping it in your face. Then I felt the uncontrollable urge to make a homestuck thing out of it. Surprise. 

oh this is gorgeous

wow this is absolutely gorgeous omg

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Give me a fetish and I will tell you how I feel about it.

rebloggin this cause I love this


(814): Haha you were definitely messed up. Let me know if you need anything

(1-814): Could really use a time machine and a higher self esteem, in that order

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d’aaaww babbies


Hey, do you think we should wake them?

Nah, this is great blackmail material.

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Pixiv ID: 21924121Member: ごじゃっぺ



Pixiv ID: 21924121
Member: ごじゃっぺ

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  • Little Kya: Mommy, how did you meet Daddy?
  • Katara: Well, one day I was fishing with Uncle Sokka and he made me so angry that I straight-up busted an iceberg in half with my waterbending.
  • Katara: Then a little boy with tattoos stumbled out and fell into my arms.
  • Katara: I wasn't too surprised.
  • Katara: So his flying bison took me back to the village.
  • Katara: He spent like a year trying to get with me. But I kissed him when he saved the world and he has tattoos so that's hot.
  • Kya:
  • Kya:
  • Kya: What.
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